Dating vintage martin ukulele

Bottom Line/Personal asked two ­experts how to value old instruments…

Dan Orkin, Post–World War II instruments do not have to be made by a famous company such as Fender or Gibson (see below) to have substantial value.

This example of a Martin Style 1 Tenor ukulele dates to the late 1940's or early 1950's.

As ukes from this period do not carry serial numbers, precise dating is difficult if not impossible.

Our authorized dealers report being unable to keep our ukuleles on their shelves and because of our backlog, there is a mandated waiting period before our dealers can re-order.

Follow this link for a list of authorized Kamaka Dealers.

It is on good playing condition and while it has expected play and usage wear, it is structurally sound. Fret wear is minimal - nylon strings are very easy on frets.

As a Kamaka customer you are entitled to the highest quality customer service.

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