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I have seen most of our world and experienced its layers of humanity.

I have listened to people share their stories of success and struggle.

Kreskin, an avid reader and writer of books, has a special message today for all of the book lovers.

Kreskin on National Book Lovers Day (Click the link or picture for a special message from The Amazing Kreskin) Read More → Tonight at 10pm (Eastern) The Amazing Kreskin will be a guest on “A License To Rant” with John Pizzi and Mike De Angelis. Facebook - A License To Rant You Tube - A License To Rant Read More → It’s appropriate today that I reintroduce the offer and challenge that I made OJ Simpson in 1999, regarding the murders of his ex-wife, Nicole and Ron Goldman.

And life is all about your health and your relationships. I’m excited to share with you what I have learned through continued education, trial and error, innocent experimentation, diligent research and disciplined practice.Men like to work on their own, and exercise their abilities by solving problems quickly and singlehandedly; women like to co-operate, and exercise their feelings through interactive communication with one another.Men value solutions, and view unsolicited assistance as undermining their effort to solve problems alone; women value assistance, and view unsolicited solutions as undermining their effort to proceed interactively.For some couples, there is a natural progression into becoming intimate, and for others it takes time and learning to trust before being intimate feels right.While there is no guaranteed formula for what works, there are some helpful tips. Gray discusses the famous baseball analogy as a template for when and how to become fully intimate with a new partner.

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