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Amazing inexperienced 18 years old, beautiful and experienced mature women. The Sex Factor is a web-based reality porn show in search of the next top porn stars.

Unbelievable sight in the very heart of Prague, a dream of all men coming true. Theten-episode original TV series follows sixteen wannabe porn stars (eight guys and eight girls) who have never been filmed before...

Forget the fact he was the man everyone in the room - nay, watching world - was willing to win. Imagine asking someone if they're ok with you vaping? And who was the archetype and author held up as a glowing, paunched originator of this trend? While other movie stars and men toil in sweaty misery, desperately grafting for that elusive Grecian physique, Leo sticks with the au natural look, enjoying the good life and being richly rewarded for it. Live The Bachelor Life Even aged 41, Leo is still a man who leaves monogamy to the swans and embraces the bachelor lifestyle wholeheartedly.

When the moment of victory came, Leo ignored Oscars speech etiquette and went off on one about the impending environmental apocalypse, making everyone feel thoroughly silly for caring about films or celebrities or nice dresses in the process. There aren't many people who can get away with holding both the environment and superyachts in equally high regard, but Leo can. Imagine tying your hair into a man-bun, gazing intently into the depths of your mirror and nodding with quiet confidence, slowly mouthing the words "I am ready"? And thus becoming the only man to start his own fitness craze without actually doing any fitness. Leo is a man who understands that, for all the Kobe beef carpaccio, saffron risotto and Macallan 1946 in Cannes, you really can't beat a good custard cream. He's become as well known for his abundant harems of eye-gougingly beautiful supermodels, with whom he blithely frolics in distant Caribbean waters, as he has for his equally impressive film roles.

You can enter a chatroom by clicking on the image of the performer you like.

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